About Me

Sophie French

Oh hi! You know, I never usually like to talk about myself too much but, oh, well, GO ON THEN!

My name is Sophie French. I’m a blogger and freelance copywriter by day and, well, a blogger and freelance copywriter by night (there are bills to pay, y’kno!)

As a twenty-something female, I’m often blogging about my stumbling towards life as a grown up. And, like the rest of my fellow twenty-somethings, you’ll find that while at times I’m feeling a bit philosophical or naïve or afraid, I’m sometimes feeling so brave and feisty and on top of the world that I might jolly well break something. (Refer also to: Being Female. Being English. Redheads. PMS. Mood Swings. Love. Hate. Relationships.)

But most of the time, you’ll find me battling it out between the side of my brain that shouts ‘You Should Have It All Figured Out By Now!‘ and the one that whispers ‘You know you can change the world, right?’

My recent job and life transition from PR Manager in the middle of England to Freelance Copywriter in Australia’s Sunshine Coast sees me spending most of my spare time at the beach (SPOILER ALERT: and she lived happily ever after.) In fact, I’ve taken note from the bold attitude of inspirational women around the world and I am newly committed to creating a life I love.

My favourite things are stationery shops, mugs of milky tea, and the sort of belly laughs that only a night with the girls can provide.

I believe that champagne and great friends are the key to survival, that good things come to those who work their arse off, and that everyone needs a crazy, fiery, stubborn redhead in their lives, or nothing fun would happen.

Favourite quote: “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick some ass” Maya Angelou.

Want to chat long into the night about the meaning of life or what to have for breakfast? Drop me an email: littleredfrench@gmail.com

Like what you see? Let me know! I’m open to thoughts all over the social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

P.S. Why Little Red French?

Cos’ I’m a little redhead and my surname is French.

Well, that’s that sorted.

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