Note to self: have a little faith in your decisions. Because, WHAT IF?!

I’ve been busy getting lost..but now I’m back!

And have I got some stories to tell you?!

It’s been a crazy, gorgeous, wild few months full of adventure and LOADSA COOL NEW STUFF! There’s so much to say, and, luckily, I’ve left months worth of absent blog space to fill you in on. So, I’ll start from the top.

Remember when I said I was going to give up my job and jump on a plane to the other side of the world and see what happens?

Well, I did it! I mean, I’m doing it! Right now! Hello, here I am, doing the big huge thing I said I would.

Bon Voyage

And as much as I wish wish wish I’d have blogged about all the cool stuff I was up to along the way when I first set off, to be totally, brutally, honest: I was too shit scared that it all just wouldn’t work out. So I kept quiet. Just. In. Case.

I created an imaginary story in my head A LOT about how terribly wrong it might go. A story where my boyfriend had to drag me to the airport while I screeched ‘don’t let them take me’ over and over again. A story where I’d have an imaginary breakdown on the plane because it turned out that I did want a desk job and a routine and security after all. A big fat made up story where I imaginary wailed that I’d be stuck with a boy for too long (and he with me, finding out how actually awful and unbearable I really am) and we’d have an imaginary break up and he’d send me straight home, which in fact was fine because I was imaginary guaranteed to hate every second of the trip anyway.

My cheeks physically flushed when I imagined that after all the ‘guess what I’m doing’ facebrags, Twitter announcements and smug conversations, that I’d have to report back that: hey guys, I’m home, I lasted three days.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as always. Because I now know that even if my year long plan I’d smugly told the world about time and time again did go tits up and fail, there’d always be something to learn from it, something to laugh about, a great story to tell.

But,¬†guess what: it didn’t fail! That’s right, I’m still here, on the other side of the world, and I’m only bloody loving life!

In fact, I’ve been so busy loving life that I’ve not given myself any time to reflect on it or to think about what I’ve learnt, or to tell you about it.

So, now I’m all kinda settled in my new little life by the beach with my boyfriend and my friends and a new job and a new apartment and not a sign of failure in sight, it’s time I started telling you about all THE STUFF!

About the people and the feelings and the friends and the changes and the newness and the world and and and..

But, in the meantime, a little reminder to myself, and to anyone else who needs it: have a little faith in your decisions.

Because the only way to know is to give it a go. And what if, WHAT IF, it turns out to be the best decision you ever made?

What if I fall?

My First Ever Blog Post. Take Two.

So I started a blog a couple of years ago, 2 years, 1 week and 3 days ago in fact, It was my first ever one and I didn’t really know why I was doing it, what my aim was or actually what to write about at all, (I’m not saying that I have all the answers now either, I’m afraid). But what I do know, is that the first time around, I was just out of university, stints of work experience were underway and then, out of nowhere, I landed myself a busy and fantastic full-time job, and, if I’m honest, life got in the way.

So, 2 years, 1 week and 3 days have passed and my full-time job, all the people I’m lucky enough to meet, the responsibilities I take on, the many experiences I have had as well as the brilliant blogs I get to read every day have all made me realise that blogging needs to become a part of your busy life, rather than a chore outside of it, and that’s something I’ll try to remember.


2013 has been a year of new things for me – which I’m sure I’ll come to talk about. So, this blog is number 30 on my list of new things and I hope I’m sure it will give me as much pleasure as the 29 other new things I’ve thrown myself into so far.

Reason number one for my starting of a blog is because I love writing. I’ve always had a keen interest in English, I went on to study Creative Writing & Media Writing at Derby University, and I now work in PR, Marketing & Communications. I love language, I love how a combination of words can evoke emotions and I find writing very therapeutic too.

Reason number two is that, not always, but sometimes, I have a tendency to do silly things where I get so comfortable in certain scenarios that my brain forgets to work and likes to fuel me into hilarious or particularly awkward situations. And, I figured, that instead of beating myself up about these, sometimes but not too often, silly moments, they’d actually make for some great stories.

And finally, there’s apparently a whole world out there called the blogosphere that I’m yet to be a part of – and I don’t much like missing out.