The Tough & Terrific Twenties!

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Being in your twenties can be really hard work. There’s so much fun to be had but so much pressure too, ┬áso much to do and complete and see, yet the feeling that there is so little time to do it all!

My friends and I talk all the time about our plans for the future; what we’re doing now, what we should be doing, what we plan to do, what we’re scared to do, whether we’re doing things right or wrong, whether any of it even matters at all.

It’s certainly a decade full of contradictions, but I’ve got to admit it’s definitely a fun one to be muddling through.

In your twenties you:

  • Have enough disposable money to make plans
  • Have more plans than money and more money than sense
  • Want to be in a career, committed to your job and work your way up the ladder
  • Want to be doing more than sitting behind a desk
  • Want to start settling, to be content
  • Want to throw caution to the wind and travel the world
  • Want to be single and go on countless dates and┬áspend Saturday nights partying
  • Want to fall in love and get butterflies and a racing heart and spend Saturday nights with that guy
  • Want to holiday and stay out til 6am and sleep all day then do it all over again
  • Want to take day trips and city breaks and have a civilised meal and glass of wine and be rested enough for another day of culture and adventure
  • Are an independent, career woman, to whom marriage and kids seems a life you’ll never know
  • Secretly know the style of your wedding dress and what your children will be called

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It’s no-one else’s business the way we choose to live our lives, a lot of our decisions are based on the experiences we have and the people we meet along the way and as long as it makes us happy, well that’s all that matters.

And sometimes, we should really just stop thinking about it altogether.

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw: