Becoming ‘YES’ girl – 30 new things for 2013

desert yes

This year has been one for lots of new things in my life.

I’ve changed, I’ve grown and I’ve become a lot happier as I’ve tried my best to constantly challenge and push myself  – I have accomplished things I’d never dreamt of and have  had a year full of great experiences and all because I’ve started saying ‘yes’ more.

I’ve started to believe in myself and it’s been really rewarding.

I may not have been bungee jumping or skydiving or white water rafting (yet), but I’ve made a start in realising that just saying ‘yes’ to a few more opportunities, and opening my mind to different things, has had a really positive effect on my whole life.

Here are my top 30 ‘yes’ moments of the year (so far…):

1. Became someone’s first love ❤ (Thought I’d get the soppy one out of the way)


2. Got a promotion. My first ever.

3. Ran 10K


4. Ran 2K, 3K, 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K & 9K – they were all new distances to be honest!

5. Travelled to Thailand (what an experience this was!)


6. Travelled to Dubai


7, Rode a camel


8. Rode an elephant


9. Held a monkey


10. Went tubing down the river


11. Went sand dune bashing in the desert


12. Joined a running club

13. Completed a wolf run


14.Helped raise over £6,000 for charity

15. Travelled to Dublin


16. Auditioned for a drama group

17, Joined a drama group

18. Won a team voted award for ‘Most Positive Outlook’


19. Escorted a Magazine Editor on a tour of the company I work for

20. Travelled on a long haul flight

21. Got a real tan   Oh no, sorry, that definitely didn’t happen!

21. Drove through London City Centre and survived

22. Travelled on an overnight train

on train

23. Attended the filming of a TV advert

24. Read a whole book in 24 hours

25. Had a henna tattoo


26. Swam through a lake with my clothes and trainers on

27. Thought about the concept of being with one person forever as perhaps not the most terrifying thing in the world – for a teeny tiny millisecond anyway

28. Attended the wedding of a close friend


29. Made plans for longer into the future than a month

30. And of course…started a blog!

This is just the start of my ‘bucket’ list – I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

Because, after all, life is too short to say no.